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MadBid in the Press

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The Sunday Times - Coverage of MadBid.com

Sandeep Anantharaman, a 26-year-old Watford engineer, picked up a brand new Mini One car, worth $12,135CAD for $6.83CAD on MadBid.com. "My $6CAD Mini was a dream come true" - Telecoms engineer Sandeep Anantharaman couldn't quite believe his luck when he snapped up a brand new Mini One car for little more than loose change. He drove away with the bargain in September — a month after passing his driving test. He had made 24 bids on madbid.com, an auction site where bids rise in increments of 1 penny. They cost him $1.20CAD each — a total of $28.80CAD. Anantharaman has also bought a Tom Tom satellite-navigation system, worth $120CAD, for 10 cent and an iPod Shuffle, worth for 6 cents on the site.